Psychic Readings

For my Readings, I simply need your full name to tap into your energy and receive guidance from your guides, angels and loved ones. I can connect you to your loved ones in spirit, which helps bring closure and guidance. During my session, I can telepathically tap into anyone’s energy – dead or alive. I can also connect with animals and receive messages from them.

For my clients, it is a transformational experience, which brings them clarity, guidance, peace and closure.


Energy Healing

Each client is different and so is their need for healing. During my healing session, I tune in to my client and channel healing energy according to their needs. I also receive telepathic messages from spirit guides whilst doing the healings.

As a clairvoyant medium, I am able “to see” when my clients have negative entity attachments in their auric field. Through my healings, I have successfully removed negative attachments. Negative entities can attach to our auric field, when our aura is weak, or if there is a break or tear in the aura. If not dealt with and removed, these negative entity attachments can cause depression and zap the life force out of our energy.

Working with my guides, I channel high frequency energy, which helps me break effects of black magic and other negative forces from my clients. It gives my clients an opportunity to start their life fresh, with a new perspective, free from negativity.


Protection & Healing Ritual

I work with Archangel Michael’s sigils for protection, and Archangel Raphael’s sigils for healing.

If you need a quick boost of healing or need protection from lower energies, I recommend you try these rituals, which has benefited many of my clients.